Who we are:

malian agribusiness solutions

Malian AgriBusiness Solutions is a social enterprise that focuses on developing the small holder farmers in Africa while conserving our land/water resources and maximising profits. We enable farmers to increase their income by purchasing orange flesh sweet potatoes from them at a fair market price. We add value to the sweet potatoes by baking bread, cakes and donut which we supply to our customers who demand healthy nutritious and delicious snacks.

By so doing, we provide a means of livelihood to hundreds of sweet potato farmers who would otherwise not have an avenue to sell their produce.



Malian team members set out to build each other, our farmers, our customers, our community and our country. All team members act within their abilities to build on all aspects within reason of all stakeholders. We believe in people, put others first and empower individuals. We create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. We are present, accessible, and connect with transparency, dignity and respect.


Malian team members are accountable to each other, our farmers, our customers, our community and the Law of the land. All team members are accountable to all stakeholders in all our business activities.We deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. We aim for transformational change,act with courage, challenge the status quo and are free from all conformity.


Malian team members are committed to our mission on creating sustainable income for small scale farmers. All our activities and projects aim to contribute towards the organization’s overall mission. We do the right thing, build a Family Spirit amongst the team. Outperform ourselves, constantly improve, and advance sustainable agricultural activities


Malian team members are consistent in their actions to serve our farmers, our customers and our community. We keep it simple, treat others with respect, are cost conscious, straightforward and open-minded. We accept and delegate responsibility with a focus on overall success. We are focused, determined and humble.


Malian team members collaborate with each other, our farmers, our customers and all stakeholders to continuously improve. We seek to provide sustainable income for small scale farmers, build our communities while daring to be different. Together we make a difference.

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